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Reece’s Journey

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Reece Marshall Cosby. Born July 3, 2007. Died September 27, 2009. Pure. Love. Personified.

Welcome to the Reece’s Journey page.  I set out to share Reece’s story with you all thinking that it would go on long after I had quit blogging and passed from the world.  Reece’s journey through this life ended much sooner than I could have imagined.  I decided to set this page up so anyone coming to the blog could come here and read each post.  The links below are in chronological order so you can start at the top and work your way through to the end.  It has been a privilege to share my son’s story with it.  It is truly a story of hope and love.  I hope you find blessings and peace in reading each chapter.

Gary Cosby Jr

Reece’s Journey – The First Post

Reece’s Journey – The Doctors

Reece’s Journey – Meeting Coach Stallings

Reece’s Journey – A Father’s Wake Up Call

Reece’s Journey – Speech Therapy

Reece’s Journey – A Quick Update

Reece’s Journey – Ear Tubes

Reece’s Journey – Baby Steps

Reece’s Journey – Around The World

Reece’s Journey – Don’t Tread On Me

Reece’s Journey – A Family Affair

Reece’s Journey – Real Progress

Reece’s Journey – An End, And A Beginning

Reece’s Journey – Many Thanks

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October 1st, 2009 at 12:25 pm

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